The Whole State is on Lockdown

Governor Kemp canceled school and told everyone to go home for the foreseeable future - and counties like Fannin and Habersham straight up said nobody from Atlanta is allowed in their borders. So instead of three "important" things, here are three uplifting things to get you through the day: 1. Here's one way to get moving. Just because we're all in quarantine, doesn't mean we can't get mobile - and one town in the UK is setting the standard with 11am dance parties every day. It's awkward and amazing and you can't look away. Check it out on Mashable here. 2. The best April Fool's Prank. While yesterday was rightfully devoid of bad pranks, there is one that won the internet:

3. Local Feel Good News. While restaurants scramble to develop new strategies in light of the continuing quarantine, one restaurant is giving back to our healthcare heroes: Heirloom BBQ - sending trays upon trays of their delicious food to Kennestone to show appreciation for those on the frontlines of this pandemic.

Springbot Shoutouts "Shoutout to Aaron Zimlich, Jen Roper, and Joe Reger for their participation & enthusiasm during theme week! Reppin' the dev side so well!" Joanna Thompson "Shoutout to Rylan Benet for leading our daily JIRA meetings, keeping us on track everyday and getting our content meetings back up and running. She really looks out for her team! #leadershipgoals" - The Campaign Services Team "Shoutout to Laura Bishop - for living up to her name as being the cardiac kid! we can always rely on you to put together something impressive!" Tess Meyer "Huge shoutout to Taylor Pershing, Nick Hardy and Joel Thomas for jumping in mid-demo to help with a prospect - thanks to this collaborative effort, successfully went call to demo to close! Excited to turn this customer into a fan!" Molly Blechman "Shoutout to the Sales & Success teams for navigating these tough & uncertain times with such grace and flexibility. And for always keeping a customer-first mindset. Can't wait to see what y'all do in April!" Joanna Thompson "Shoutout to all of my fellow success advisors (and our helpful leader Marie) for all the hard work they've put in the last few weeks (and will continue to put in for the foreseeable future.) Proud to say I'm on this team!" Olivia Todd "Shout out to Christina Roughton for all of her hard work getting to public beta and the sign up forms migrator launched. Way to go."Jarrett Board  "BIG shoutout to Rebecca Ruffino for constantly helping to troubleshoot any issues that come up and keeping our customers happy/informed during this time." Molly Blechman "Big shoutout to my fellow Employment Brand Team members Amanda Newby, Erika Brookes, Manon Audibert, and Emily Farina - thanks for continuing to put our heads together & keep the Community alive!" Joanna Thompson “We want to give a shout out to Sales and Customer Success for all of their hard work, focus, and determination during a really difficult time.” The Marketing + Product Teams "Huge thanks to Georgia, Ryan, and Nick Hardy for answering all inbound Customer Success calls for the past two weeks. Everyone stepped up and #livedthejourneyasateam to make sure that we didn't skip a beat even after switching to remote. At one point there were 46 inbound calls in two days!" Jared Meline Huge shoutout to Joel Thomas for always being positive, supportive and willing to help no matter what the situation is." Molly Blechman Mind Edit Check out these 6 ways to shake up your work from home schedule from the team at REI. Top suggestion - "make movement and fresh air a top priority..." Read more here. Additionally - Hannah Rozelle, Christina Roughton and Manon Audibert are doing a push up challenge for the month of April. 50 pushups a day in 10 rep intervals at the following times: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm. SO doable! Consider joining the challenge with us! Happy Birthday! Patrick Micale (Apr. 4)

Anniversaries Matt Osterbur (2 years) Lisa Ng (1 year) Travis Wheeler (6 years)

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