Tomorrow is Juneteenth

A reminder that tomorrow is Juneteenth, a day commemorating the end of slavery in the Union in 1865. Juneteenth is an important day in our nation's history, and those wishing to take the day off to observe it are highly encouraged to do so. Click here to learn about Juneteenth events happening in Atlanta, and learn more about what's going on below:

  1. Read about the history of Juneteenth here.

  2. Learn more about Atlanta and Juneteenth here.

  3. Celebrate Juneteenth with a piano battle between Alicia Keys and John Legend.

Thank you to our Diversity and Inclusion team for providing the above resources!

Springbot Shoutouts

"Shout out to Rylan Benet, Olivia Todd, Andrea Gonzalez, and Sheila Gaskell for putting together one of the most successful and informative Webinars we've done so far! Great job team!" Marie Bormolini "Big Shout out to Winston Hunter helping me with some SFDC reporting the past week, allowing us to make big decisions fast." Cody McGuire "Shout out to Andrea Gonzalez, Marie Bormolini, Olivia Todd, Rylan Benet and Sheila Gaskell for putting on an amazing webinar for our entire customer base on "How to Participate & Support Global Conversations as a Small Business" - the work, research and examples you put into the webinar are top notch. Thank you!" Amber Remm "Shoutout to Matt Osterbur and Andrea Gonzalez for CRUSHING upsell - a combined $30,237 in May alone." Jimmy Gutowski  "Shout out to Joanna Thompson for your help with Springbot social content, employment branding and featuring our customers in marketing. Your creativity, energy and hard work are greatly appreciated!" Erika Brookes, Ben Smith & Manon Audibert "Big shoutout to all hands involved in covering for me while I was out (Anna Somora, Jimmy Gutowski, Jared Meline, Taylor Pershing). You have no idea how much I appreciate all your help!" Rebecca Ruffino "Shoutout to Emily Farina for her amazing work hosting the Virtual Springbot Talks!" Miles Raphael "Shout out to PROFIT intern Jack Weatherby for doing some great clean up stuff in our revenue systems, salesforce, and workflows." Cody McGuire "Shout out to everyone who participated in Virtual Trivia Night - awesome representation from across different departments! We had so much fun and a special thanks to Joanna for being such a great host! #imissmypeople #harrybotters #klimatekrew #quarantina16 #legumes" Hannah Rozelle

"Thank you Tara Crawshaw and the dev team who worked on the email saving issue on Friday, 6/12! You guys were quick to help the Success team in the coaching911 channel and you did the most courageous thing of all: worked after 5pm on a Friday. We really appreciate your hard work and I know our customers do too." Nick Hardy Shoutout to Rosalynn Glover, LaMia Florence, Rylan Benet & Marcus Vassell for their guidance with the Customer Success Juneteenth presentation/shindig." Jimmy Gutowski  "A big congrats goes to Jimmy Gutowski for celebrating his 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with Springbot last week - the team appreciates all that you do for us!" Marie Bormolini "Shout out to Joel Thomas and his Team, who have been a consistent force throughout WFH - Clay Cooledge, Matt Jarman, Molly Blechman, and now Joe Ross have been leading activity efforts, own-desk demos, and closing numbers like revenue and close percentage. Impressive work, you guys!" Matt Gianakos "Big thank you to Winston Hunter for always helping us fix all the things in Salesforce and continue to improve that for us every day! Marie Bormolini "Shoutout to Hunter Geurink for his work lately. He's been so great with communicating both to me and to our customers over the last few weeks and I just wanted to show my appreciation." Nick Hardy

Mind Edit

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 21st and I wanted to share this beautiful piece written by Lolis Eric Elie about his son, Niriko. Elie is from New Orleans and his wife, Béa is from Madagascar - two cultures joining together to raise a child.  Read the article, "Feeding Niriko", here from the Southern Foodways Alliance. A very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all our Springbot Dads :)

About Lolis - "The New Orleans native Lolis Eric Elie is a former Times-Picayune columnist and cookbook author who has written for the Oprah Winfrey Network show Greenleaf and the HBO series Treme."


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