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In case y'all missed Amanda's email, W2s can now be found in TriNet. To find them go to Trinet and follow these steps: "Money > Taxes > Access W-2. 2. If you have access to the TriNet Mobile app, you can open the app and go to Menu > W-2 Statements" Any questions or concerns, please reach out to Amanda Newby. And here are three other things you should know: 1. Who is Amanda Gorman? The L.A. native and Harvard graduate was handpicked by Dr. Jill Biden, becoming the youngest poet to ever read at a Presidential Inauguration (you can watch her read in Mind Edit below). In those moments, she immediately captured the attention of the country. “To me, words matter. And I think that’s what made this inauguration that much more sentimental and special,” she said. “We’ve seen over the past few years how the power of words has been violated and misappropriated. What I wanted to do is to kind of reclaim poetry as that site in which we can re-purify and re-sanctify — not only the Capitol building that we saw violated, but the power of words and to invest that in the highest office of the land.” She added: “We need to realize that hope isn’t something that we ask of others. It’s something that we have to demand of ourselves. And that’s what I wanted the poem to end on.” LA Times 2. Retailers are lending a hand in the vaccine rollout. Since the rollout of vaccinations has been, by and large, a disaster, we're starting to see more and more stories of people, groups, and companies pitching in to right the ship. And now the retail industry is starting to get involved through employee incentives. Incentives. Dollar General was the first retailer to roll out vaccine comp last week, offering vaccinated employees one-time payments equal to four hours’ pay. Since then Aldi said Wednesday it would give workers up to four hours’ pay for getting vaccinated. Trader Joe’s and Instacart have also offered one-time cash bonuses or paid time off for employees. As far as health campaigns go, incentives are a win-win for retailers. Workers don’t have to choose between a shift and their health, earning retailers goodwill points with their teams—and customers. Retail Brew 3. Save the pawpaw. No, not your southern grandfather - the fruit. This apparently finicky fruit is allegedly so delicious it had its own contests and was a staple of the south. On top of the hat, it has a fairly impressive historical pedigree. Luckily, one quaker is trying to save them. Nearly all of the places Peterson has lived in his life have been rentals. The exception was a fifty-three-acre farm he cashed out his retirement savings and everything else to buy in 2000 in Pendleton County, West Virginia. In May of that year, he hired high school students to help him plant 3,000 grafted pawpaw trees. The night of May 5 it rained, which he took as a harbinger of a good harvest. It didn’t rain again until mid-August, the worst drought since 1930. He lost 2,950 trees, and the 50 that survived were too stressed to make it through the winter. “It was pawpaws or bust,” he tells me over lunch at the Mountain View Diner in Charles Town. “And I went bust.” Garden and Gun

Mind Edit If you weren't able to watch the Inauguration on Wednesday, we strongly recommend taking 6 minutes to watch Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman recite her poem, 'The Hill We Climb'. You'll quickly realize why everyone is referring to her as a "supernova." Watch it here. Then watch Anderson Cooper become speechless interviewing Amanda on CNN. Springbot Master Classes Be sure to sign up here! Your colleagues are working hard to bring these events to life so let's support them and learn something new! Birthdays Jack McLaughlin (Jan. 19) Russell Harper (Jan. 23) Josh Lucio (Jan. 24) Matt Guenther (Jan. 24)


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