We're Halfway There

Halfway through 2020 and it feels like we've already lived a few years this year. Here's to hoping the back 9 plays better than the front.

Also, in case you missed it, Mayor Bottoms has ordered masks to be worn in public spaces. Thanks Javi Munoz for sharing this article! And here are three more important things you should know: 1. Wearing a mask is important. Everyone should be doing it out in public. Not only does the mask keep your gross breath to yourself, reducing the chance that asymptomatic people will release Covid into the air with every breath, cough and sneeze they take, but it actually reduces the risk of infection as well.  A range of new research on face coverings shows that the risk of infection to the wearer is decreased by 65 percent, said Dean Blumberg, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at UC Davis Children’s Hospital. UC Davis 2. The Ivy League is the first domino to tip.  While many universities around the country try to figure how to approach having collegiate sports take place this fall, an entire conference has taken a huge step by canceling fall sports all together. The Ivy League has decided that fall sports, including college football, will not be played at its institutions in 2020. The conference announced Wednesday evening that "it will not be possible for Ivy League teams to participate" this fall "as athletics is expected to operate consistent with campus policies, including restrictions on student and staff travel, requirements for social distancing, limits on group gatherings, and regulations for visitors to campus." CBS Sports 3. This weekend, consider supporting black-owned restaurants when you order takeout. Atlanta Eats has compiled a list of the most outstanding black-owned restaurants in the Metro Atlanta area. Check it out here and give one of them a call.

Springbot Shoutouts

"Shoutout to Tara Crawshaw and Marcus Vassell for always finding the time to help the team even while taking care of their toddlers at home. Their dedication to living the journey as a team is unmatched!" Jared Meline, Jimmy Gutowski, Amber Remm, and Marie Bormolini

"Shoutout to the members of the Success team that focus on Campaign Services - you all continue to impress me with your innovative ideas, implementation of new and improved processes, and sheer collaboration! Thank you for all that you do, day in and day out, to live the journey as a team and grow customers into fans!" Amber Remm "Shoutout to Amber Remm and Matt Osterbur for their work in moving us forward with customer case studies. Thanks for y'all's continuing efforts!" Ben Smith

"Shoutout to Rachel Parks for helping setup the mainline to include a special out of office message over the holiday weekend!" Jared Meline

"Shoutout to Taylor Pershing. She willingly jumps on sales calls and brings such a friendly demeanor to every call. Has been monumental in getting some of these deals across the finish line by presenting statistical value and recommendations in her Google auditing process. Thanks Taylor!" Joel Thomas

"Shoutout to Marie Bormolini for offering to help take control over the phone management while I was OOO. She always makes sure that the customer success team is set up to handle the holiday hours and did so again over the 4th of July weekend. Nothing slips by her!!" Jared Meline

"Shoutout to Manon Audibert for her recent lookbook. From strategy to design, it's different and awesome! Thank you for always looking for ways to evolve the brand!" Ben Smith

Know Your Newbies

Welcome Jonah Reeb to the BDR team!

Fun Fact: Jonah produces music and DJs as a hobby, and was the resident DJ at a bar in Milledgeville during college. 

Mind Edit

Try this fun quiz from Herman Miller that "helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current work from home workspace." At the end of the quiz, they share tons of great tips on how to improve!

Happy Birthday!

Emily Farina (Jul. 6)


Christina Roughton (1 year)

Clay Cooledge (1 year)

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