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Huge shoutout to everyone who donated money to the Australia relief fund. We brought in $1040 from the team with Springbot matching $1000 of that - bringing us to $2040 to send to WWF Australia. So amazing to be part of a company that collectively can make big things happen! Big shout to Manon Audibert, Anna Somora, Sarah Scott, Joanna Thompson, Duncan Meredith and Rebecca Ruffino for all the help with this special project! Way to go, team! And here are three other important things you should know: 1. How do you disrupt the plant-based meat industry? Cell-based meat. Memphis Meats is on a quest to grow clean meat in labs, raising $161 million in the process. "Here's the problem with our current animal-raising for the meat industry: Global demand for meat is expected to double by 2050 as more people enter the middle class and upgrade the heartiness of their meals worldwide ... Memphis Meats isn't in stores yet, but it's using the biggest ever fundraise for a lab-grown meat startup to build a pilot production plant." Robinhood Snacks 2. It might be time to ditch DirecTV. Apparently satellites encounter battery problems also, but instead of running low and needing replacement, they can outright blow up. "DirecTV has one month to remove a satellite from geostationary orbit, so it doesn't take other satellites down with it if it ends up exploding. The AT&T-owned TV service fears that its Spaceway-1 satellite (a Boeing 702HP model) might explode due to battery issues that started manifesting in December. According to SpaceNews, DirecTV explained in an FCC filing dated January 19th that an anomaly caused 'significant and irreversible thermal damage' to the satellite's batteries." Engadget 3. The Lunar New Year is Saturday. If you're looking for a place to celebrate a second New Year because the first one didn't get off to such a great start, check out Eater's guide to enjoying another new year in Atlanta here.

Springbot Shoutouts Big shout out to Andrew Foah for collecting $3,000 for five past due invoices from a churned customer this week! He has been a big help in collecting past due accounts!" Anna Somora & Rebecca Ruffino "Shout out to Emily Farina for yet another quality training session this morning around Story Selling!" Matt Gianakos Shoutout to Emily Farina and Jared Meline for their help organizing a Sales, Email, and Onboarding sync for new customer success! Rob Lee "Huge shoutout to Tara Crawshaw, Marie Bormolini, Rachel Parks, Sheila Gaskell, Abby Barnett and Olivia Todd for working together to set up our new support model for our stage 1 customers - they are collaborating with many team's to make this an amazing customer experience! Stay tuned for more to come from this group!" Amber Remm  Shoutout to Jimmy Gutowski, Matt Osterbur, Georgia Abdallah, Abby Barnett and Rachel Parks for quick Deliverability action on a subset of customers and continual push for improvements! Rob Lee Shout out to Joe Ross on the BDR Team for absolutely crushing his monthly goal with 2 weeks to go in the month. He's now at 29 completed demos off his desk this month! Impressive work, Joe." Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Preston Palmer for being 184% over goal, and having 13 own desk demo completes! Wow!!!!" Connor Dunaway Shoutout to Lisa, Ben, and Manon for all their feedback and help pushing out content marketing for email! Rob Lee "Shoutout to Mike Hayes for having 16 own desk demo completes. Great job Mike!" Connor Dunaway Shout out to Sean Vennett for driving over $3k in revenue off his desk in only one week(13th-17th), and nearly $4k on the month. Quality work, Sean!" Matt Gianakos

Know Your Newbies

Fun Fact: Winston has a pet tarantula named Tiffany and a pet dog named Chewy! 

New from Campaign Services Thanks to everyone who participated in the Email Design Poll! Congrats to our winners! Category #1: Best Designed Email Campaign 1st Place: CLE Cosmetics (Store ID: 12968) Cosmetics Email Campaign 2nd Place: Rad Max Vintage (Store ID: 13027) Vintage Apparel Email Campaign Category #2: Best Animated Email Campaign 1st Place: Old School Shirts (Store ID: 11546) Vintage Inspired Tees Email Campaign 2nd Place: Pinckney Cookie Cafe (Store ID: 11716) Cookie Email Campaign: Category #3: Most Improved (Before & After) 1st Place: The Kind Pen (Store ID: 10213) Smoke Shop Email Campaign 2nd Place: Smooth Stylz (Store ID: 9853) Men's Hair Accessories Email Campaign

New from Marketing

With February fast approaching, please enjoy our newest Playbook: Retail Success in February Without Cupid's Help! Link here.

Mind Edit

6-month performance reviews are here! Here is a great article from ElleVest giving you 5 tips on how to prepare for your performance reviews - some great things to think about!

Happy Birthday!

Russell Harper (Jan. 23)

Josh Lucio (Jan. 24)

Stuart Way (Jan. 24)

Sean Vennett (Jan. 24)

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