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If you haven't yet, please make sure you read Abby's email about Springbot's Coronavirus precautions, and make sure you have Slack on your phone with the General channel muted so you can stay up-to-date. And here are three more important things you should know: 1. The latest event to fall victim to Coronavirus? The Masters. It was announced today that golf's biggest major would be postponed to a later date. Sweetwater 420 seems to be holding strong, though. 2. Network providers are doing their parts. While we usually associate network giants like AT&T and Comcast with truly horrendous customer service and outrageous bills, it looks like they're setting aside their bad habits to pitch in on the Coronavirus pandemic. "With so many people in the US working and learning from home, as offices and schools close in response to the coronavirus pandemic, internet service providers (ISPs) are beginning to react. Comcast is increasing internet speeds for low-income users, and AT&T told Motherboard that it is suspending all broadband usage caps until further notice." Engadget 3. Remember when we all couldn't wait to get out of 2019? It was an undeniably awful year, and we were all doe-eyed for 2020. Well, let's all commiserate together with some all-star commentary from the Twittersphere. "The last decade was rough. When New Year's Eve rolled around, people posted about how glad they all were to start fresh. But 2020 came at us fast, and nobody's quite able to keep up. As the United States struggles to contain the spread of the coronavirus, Twitter users are realizing just how optimistic they sounded in their New Year's Eve tweets." Mashable

Springbot Shoutouts "Thank you to Duncan Meredith, Emily Farina, Jared Meline and Winston Hunter (and others)  for providing user guides and training on remote use of our phone system and Google Hangouts." Abby Weatherby "A shout out to Jarrett Board and Christina Roughton for addressing important product needs this week. Our product is better for it." Lee Roberts "Thank you to Erika Jolly Brookes and Joanna Thompson for planning the Springbot International Womens' Day panel and a special shout out to Joanna for doing a great job moderating the panel." Abby Weatherby Shout out to Christina Roughton for getting approval from to begin beta testing with our customers." Jarrett Board "Shout out to Aaron Zimlich for all his work and collaboration on the SMS designs and user experience!" The Product Team Thank you to Emily Farina and Brooks Robinson for arranging Springbot Talks with Brittany Boals Moeller from Goldman Sachs.  Thank you Emily for guiding the conversation." Abby Weatherby "A big shout out to Chris Oh for being our Adroll subject matter expert this week. You knowledge is invaluable." Lee Roberts "I want to send out a major shoutout to BossMark as he departs for his new gig next Wednesday.  It's been a fun time working together and I have some shoes to fill.  You'll be missed." Duncan Meredith "Shoutout to Winston Hunter for being a great problem solver and partner with Salesforce processes new (Refer-a-friend) and old (Shopify trials). Thanks for being so easy to work with!" Lisa Ng "Thank you to all who worked hard planning Champions Club to celebrate 2019 success! Joanna Thompson, Manon Audibert, Erika Jolly Brookes, Amanda Newby, and Emily Farina.Abby Weatherby "Big thanks to Marc Gebeily and his diligent work refactoring our front end to Angular. He is moving our app closer to being a Single Page App, which will improve the apps appearance and performance. Marc is sharing development best practices with other devs to spread the knowledge and generally improve the quality of our code base." Chris Oh

Mind Edit Reminder - the office will be closed from today (3/13) through Tuesday (3/17). Employees should not report to the office these days and should continue their work activities. A big thank you to Matt Manning for sharing his work from home advice in the #random Slack channel. Additionally, here is a little more reading shared by Christina Roughton for tips on how to successfully work from home! Anniversaries Marc Gebeily (2 years) Taylor Pershing (2 years)

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