Will We Have Baseball This Year?

While the NBA, NFL and NHL are making moves to either restart or be ready to start, the MLB has hit a major snag over pay, causing a rift between players and owners. Looks like the chances of doing a live 9-9-9 challenge in 2021 are ever diminishing. Anyway, here are three things to help you out of the quarantine funk: 1. Anheuser Busch couldn't have asked for a better commercial. A 103-year-old Massachusetts woman beat Covid-19, and celebrated by slamming a crispy boy. Jennie Stejna battled the virus for weeks, and her family believed it might be time to say goodbye. But, the grandmother recovered and had a request: a cold beer. "The staff gave Stejna an ice cold Bud Light to celebrate, something she loved but hadn’t had in a long time." USA Today 2. New Zealand hospitals are currently Covid free. New Zealand has reported that, after the last patient was released, the country's hospitals aren't treating anyone for coronavirus and no new cases have been reported in the last five days. And in fact, only 21 people in the whole country remain positive for the virus. RNZ 3. A vaccine before the new year? Dr. Fauci thinks so. With 10 vaccines currently in human trials across the globe, hope remains on the rise that we could have a vaccine for Covid-19 ready as early as November. "I still think that we have a good chance, if all the things fall in the right place, that we might have a vaccine that would be deployable by the end of the year, by December and November." CNN

Springbot Shoutouts

"Shoutout to the Success Advisors team for an awesome webinar last week on "Perks of Being a Small Business: How to Flaunt Your Unique Brand & Identity" - they had a 67% attendance rate which is amazing to see such strong engagement from the Emerging Marketers - way to go, team!" Amber Remm  "Shout out to the DevOps team and Team Saxon for jumping on and spending an entire day diagnosing some Memorial Day sending issues." Duncan Meredith "Shoutout to Hannah Rozelle for always being ready to help out if needed and always checking in to see how things are going! Perfect example of living this journey as a team!!!" Shannon O'Shea "Big kudos to Blaire Holt and Madison Eubanks for leading their first customer calls over this last week - they've been crushing it since they've started with Springbot and we're excited for them to #growcustomersintofans!" Amber Remm "Shoutout to Taylor Pershing for her willingness to jump in and help the team wherever it's needed. She continues to gracefully accept any opportunity thrown her way and absolutely knocks it out of the park!" Tara Crawshaw "Shout out to Matt Jarman for being a steady & consistent force on the sales team. He leads by example while also being willing to share his best practices with the team. You're a class act and an absolute beast of a salesman!" Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Matt Jarman, who's not only crushing sales quotas, but is also setting the right expectations for customers coming onboard whether they are an emerging or expanding marketer - we appreciate your help and passion for the customer!" Amber Remm "I would like to shout out the Matts! Matty G and Matt Jarman have been amazing resources for me to lean on and have helped me come into my own here at Springbot" Christian Lewis "Big shoutout to Marie Bormolini and Tara Crawshaw for everything they have been doing for Campaign Services! They're both really going above and beyond and it has been super helpful. I appreciate you guys!!" Hunter Geurink  "Huge thank you to Taylor Pershing for jumping in and being the best jack of all trades - from upsell, to Google Ads, Pendo, and taking on customers - you're a huge asset and we're thankful to have you on our team!" Amber Remm “A huge shout out along with all of our encouragement and support goes to Sales and Customer Success as they close out May.” Product and Marketing "Shoutout to Nick Hardy for being incredibly focused on hitting his upsell goal this month and doing so when there was a week left in the month! There were definitely some tough customers along the way but Nick stayed focused on driving value for those customers and growing them into fans! Well done!" Jared Meline "We want to give a shout out to our new intern, Jared Naide. We are so excited to have you at Springbot!" Product and Marketing "Shoutout Casey Marksberry and Zoey Crichlow for absolutely crushing the phones and bringing through some FIRE schedules! So excited to see what these two continue to bring in!" Shannon O'Shea "Shoutout to Matt Osterbur for leading the way on upsell this month - he's at $9,600 with 1.5 days left and I have a feeling will break the $10K mark! Thank you for your help, Matt!" Amber Remm "Shoutout to Stephen Simon for always qualifying demos, building value and communicating details to the AE. He has really come into his own and continues to live the journey as a team." Laura Bishop "Shout out to Casey Marksberry for hitting his first month's goal while also earning BDR of the Week honors in just his 2nd week on the phones. Impressive work! Get to know the name folks." Matt Gianakos "Shout out to all of Clayton's team, Bailey Miller, Tess Meyer, Jack McLaughlin, Jonathan Cohen, Laura Bishop, Michael McBrayer and all of our BDR's for keeping the positive energy and continuing to crush it!! I love being in business with this team and I cant wait till it is socially acceptable to hug everyone again :)!" Shannon O'Shea Know Your Newbies

Fun Fact - Jared has been to 10 music festivals! 4 Music Midtowns, 3 Shaky Beats, 2 Imagine Festivals, and 1 Decadence Festival! Jared joins us as an Intern on our Marketing Team - Welcome to Springbot! :) Mind Edit Global Running Day is Wednesday June 3rd! The Atlanta Track Club is hosting a virtual event by challenging everyone to attempt a new running challenge. The challenges include: - 1 mile every hour for 24 hours: "24 hours. One mile per hour. Challenge your endurance and mental strength by running one mile an hour, on the hour, for 24 straight hours." - Your furthest run, ever: "Tackle a new personal best distance. Have you run a marathon? Run 27. Have you run six miles before? Run seven. Just set a new goal, and smash it." - Quarter Mile Challenge: "Pick a pace, pick a rest interval, and stick to it. See how many quarter miles (400m) you can run in a row under 80s, with 90s rest, or any quarter challenge you can concoct." - .1 more than a 10K: "Celebrate the date by running 6.3 miles and going for your fastest 10K + .1 time ever." - Explore a new path: "Find a new route, neighborhood, or trail to explore, and run that route for the first time." Sign up on their website and you'll also be entered in to win a Polar Vantage M Watch! WALKERS ARE WELCOME :) 'Bot Squad Next on "Day in the Life" we are featuring Rachel Parks! Check it out here

Happy Birthday! Sarah Horowitz (June. 1)

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