Workshops and All Hands

Just a reminder that this coming Tuesday is your last chance for the DEI 101 Workshops. Check your inbox for the invite from Dominique. And also don't forget that Wednesday is our September All Hands meeting, starting at 1 PM.

And here are three other things you should know:

1. The PSL capital of the U.S. Despite what your IG feeds might look like, Georgia is pretty low on the list of all things PSL. In fact we're a little below average. So who takes the top spot? West Virginia. Starbucks brought its Pumpkin Spice Latte back to menus on Aug. 24 — early if you ask us, but right on time according to 25% of America. found Starbucks visits jumped 14.9% that week, and were up 3.5% compared to the same week in 2019. Instacart says West Virginians are 122% more likely to purchase pumpkin spice products than the national average, while Hawaiians are 65% less likely. The Hustle

2. A new plan for Facebook. With limitations on its ad features due to Apple, Facebook is unveiling a new stack of offerings for retailers to leverage. This includes updates that will let them reach customers, advertise to customers, chat with customers across Facebook apps, generate leads, acquire customers and more. The company earlier this year began testing a way for customers to explore businesses from underneath News Feed posts by tapping on topics they were interested in — like beauty, fitness, and clothing, and explore content from other related businesses. The feature allows people to come across new businesses that may also like, and would allow Facebook to create its own data set of users who like certain types of content. Over time, it could possibly even turn the feature into an ad unit, where businesses could pay for higher placement. Tech Crunch

3. Too early to predict the playoffs? For those NFL fans out there, Week 1 was bananas crazy. Like, apparently Top 5 all-time crazy when it comes to Week 1's. Not only that, but some teams took huge hits to their playoff chances (while others gained). The Football Team (down 29 percentage points), Packers (-19), Titans (-18), Falcons (-18), Ravens (-16), Bills (-13) and Browns (-10) all saw their chance of making the postseason drop by double-digits in the opening week,1 while the Saints (+25), Eagles (+22), Cardinals (+19), Steelers (+16), Dolphins (+14), Broncos (+14) and Seahawks (+10) all gained at least 10 percentage points of playoff odds. 538

Know Your Newbies Please please join us in welcoming our four newest springbots, Charlotte Marshall, Eric Yim, Jessica Cardenas and Jessica Isings! Eric joins our Development Team, Jessica I is joining Customer Success, and Charlotte & Jessica C join our Sales Team today!!

Fun Facts - Charlotte - "I have had every color of hair except orange. The only reason I stay away from orange is because I am a Georgia fan & it would clash with my game day colors (GO DAWGS!)" Eric - " I was born in Alaska, but I'm allergic to the cold! My allergy is called "cold urticaria".. " Jessica C - "Halloween is my favorite holiday. I always have multiple costumes and decorate my house every year." Jessica I - "I am a dog mom of 1 and a plant mom of 30 and counting!" Mind Edit For all you foodies, the Epicurean Atlanta has opened! A "16-story hotel for food lovers with a show kitchen restaurant and terrace-level restaurant and bar, opens on West Peachtree." Eater Atlanta Birthdays Jessica Cardenas (Sept. 13) Miles Raphael (Sept. 17)

Anniversaries Rhiannon Berry (1 year) Rylan Benèt (3 years)

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