You're Eligible for a Vaccine

As of yesterday, every adult in the state of Georgia is eligible to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. Use this link to set your appointment up: And here are three other things you should know: 1. The Hut Group is everywhere. But you maybe haven't noticed, despite probably using one of their sites. When brands had to turn to D2C to mitigate losses brought on by the pandemic, The Hug Group was there and became a behemoth in the industry. The firm’s platform, THG Ingenuity, handles everything from website creation to warehousing, marketing, sales, and shipping. In 2019, Ingenuity sites served 1k+ brands, saw 610m+ visitors, and shipped 80m+ products. Last year, their ~$7B IPO was the largest debut on the London stock market since 2013. The Hustle 2. Conversational commerce just got a big boost. Yum Brands, owners of the best fast food restaurant chain on the planet Taco Bell, are betting big on online ordering and have purchased Israeli startup Tictuk. Tictuk allows users to place food orders through messaging apps and social media. Yum bought Tictuk to capitalize on “conversational commerce," which makes ordering a Crunchwrap Supreme as easy as sending a text (or a FB message). Yum's digital sales in 2020 hit a record of $17B, up ~45% from 2019. Now it's doubling down on tech. We know that because its CFO said"omnichannel" and "frictionless" in the same sentence (describing its ordering strategy). Robinhood Snacks 3. What's the deal with the Suez Canal? You may have seen the Austin Powers memes regarding a boat in the Suez Canal. In short, a 2-million ton cargo ship got stuck and blocked everything, disrupting trade on a global scale. Shipping companies now face a dilemma: wait for the Ever Given to be floated or divert around the Horn of Africa, another sea route that links Europe and Asia. The latter option would delay shipments by up to 14 days. Such delays could cause severe shortages, as the global shipping industry is already beset by a lack of shipping containers and other complications arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Oil is particularly vulnerable to the blockage, with the Suez Canal being a key route for transporting oil from the Middle East to Asia and Europe. Brent crude oil, the price of which is used as an international benchmark, rose 2.85% after news of the Ever Given's plight broke. CNET

Know Your Newbies

Welcome Lindsay Nance to Campaign Services!

Fun Fact - "During quarantine I started collecting houseplants and I now have 24 plants (and still growing - literally lol)"

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April Holiday Marketing Calendar

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Mind Edit What is the best way to start the day? Birthdays Matt Gianakos (Mar. 22) Nick Hardy (Mar. 23) Hunter Geurink (Mar. 25)

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